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Prin acest program ne forim să creăm oportunități studenților din Iași să aloce timp pentru dezvoltarea lor pe diferite planuri pe măsură ce investesc în creșterea lor academică.  The program takes two years, during which we touch defferent topics related to identity and worldview, through conversations and classes, as well as movies with discussions and other means. During the summer between the first and second year, we want the students who are part of the program to experience a different culture. We are in partnership with a YWAM ministry in Tanzania, where we invest since 2012. The purpose of this trip is to open new horizons for the students, new opportunities to use their abilities and talents in a creative way and with which they can help out, to open their eyes to the world around them and the ways they can contribute to its improvement, to dream of something more than their own comfort. If you are interested in the program and you want more information, or you want to be part of the program, leave a comment below and we will contact you,or email us at If you want more information on Youth With A Mission international, go to