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Kingdom and Kitchen

For those who: just graduated or  just failed in their plans and do not know what to do next,

but who: desire more truth, more life, more challenge

University of the Nations and YWAM Iasi starts the 2nd edition of the gap year training


Starts October 1st, 2012, in the following format:

* 3 months DTS – discipleship and mission training (focus on gastronomy)

* 6 weeks Bible and Society seminar

* 3 months SBCW – biblical view of reality, cultures and civilizations: comparative studies

* 3 months outreach – mission trip

A staff team speaking fluently Romanian, English, French, Russian (but well enough Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Norwegian as well !!), and experienced visiting professors and international speakers will help you to Know God and Make Him Known in new, diverse and surprising ways and environments.

Registration until September 15th


Monthly cost/per person is 300 euros, tax that includes accommodation, food and school fees.

The cost for the outreaches will be calculated separately, according to the destinations.


YWAM Iasi base phone number: (+40) 724 047 493


Students and staff of the 2rst edition of this school, in 2010-2011

What the former students say about our program:

“I owe to my studies with UofN two dimensions of my life: a deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible and the decision to be involved, as a professional as well as a citizen, in the society. The life in community, the particularities of this kind of training – mixing together formal, non-formal and in-formal education – the mission trips, all these helped me to know myself better and to know better my own culture, comparing it with others. The staff and the visiting professors helped me and encouraged me very much.”
dr. Nicoleta Salcudean – Faculty of Theater and Film, Babes-Bolay Univ., Cluj

“When my wife and I registered for the discipleship program of UofN in Iasi I have been pastor for many years and used to work with people from this position. To live and to work together with my colleagues shaped me and thought my to understand people, to understand that they are different, and they need to be helped and served. During the SBCW I learned to see the world differently. I fund out that the Bible is relevant not only for the church, but, if correctly studied and understood, the Bible has answers for material, social, political, economical, and spiritual problems.”
Ioan Dupu – pastor, Florida, USA

“This school is complex because it does not focus – as most of the schools, only on passing on and acquiring information. It makes you work on yourself; it does not challenge only your mind. It helps you grow as human being, in all aspects. In this respect, during the school the grading and evaluation are not based only or primarily on the intellectual effort. During the outreach you can learn a lot about yourself, besides the adventure of seeing new places, living in different cultures, and meeting interesting people. One of the greatest richness of this school are the people you have the chance to meet and spend time with: school mates, missionaries, people in the countries you go for outreach, the visiting professors.”
Vlad Mihanta – student, College of Economics and Business Administration, State University of Iasi, Romania

“The UofN schools are, in my opinion, experiences that you should not miss. During those schools I discovered many of the answers that the Bible has to the real issues in history. Those schools did not challenge me so much intellectually (as I was used to be) but mainly in all the aspects of my personality. The mission trip to North Africa opened my mind, my heart and my taste for un-reached and un-known people and countries. During the school of worldview (SBCW) I got new understanding concerning reality and, most of all, I fund the topic for my PhD thesis that I am working of now.”
drd. Flavius-Cristian Zaharia – Romanian National Archives

Change you mind! Change your life! Change your world!